Too Many Businesses Are Using COVID As An Excuse

I’m writing this from a flight to Mexico where I will take on my second full Ironman triathlon. I do so without my tri kit, the little outfit we wear for all three disciplines — swim, bike and run. I ordered…

It’s raining all day in Charleston today. I don’t feel like sitting on I-26 for two hours each way because people can’t drive in the rain. Instead I’m going to work from my couch. I could even sleep all day, although you know that’s not in my DNA. No one…

Ehhh… it was okay. Not every sequel can be Godfather II, Empire Strikes Back or Wrath of Khan. This was more Temple of Doom. Sure, eating monkey brains is cool and all but it’s not Raiders of the Lost Ark. Shit, this is a book and not a movie. Sorry.

“I’m takin’ this horse by the reins making’ Redcoats redder with bloodstains.”

I have been eager to read a biography of the Marquis de La Fayette since watching Hamilton. This book came out just a couple weeks ago and I was quick to snag it up and knock it out.

There’s nothing new in this book other than a unique life story. Most of it is common sense advice you can find in other self improvement books. The difference is two-fold:

  1. Whalen doesn’t waste your time. There’s no fluff. He’s straight to the point. Other authors write page after page…

Today seems like a great time to post this book review as we stare at the results of electing a weak President. Last week I tweeted “Joe Biden is the epitome of weakness.” Someone replied “who is the epitome of strength?” I think they were baiting me into answering “Donald…

Ugh! Still about six book reviews behind. I’ve been just so slammed up recently that I have had little time to write. Let me knock this one out real quick because it was quite mind shifting for me.

It’s probably because I grew up poor, but since I started making…

Just today Facebook released it’s new virtual workspace product, Horizon Workrooms. They write “workrooms is our flagship collaboration experience that lets people come together to work in the same virtual room, regardless of physical distance.”

This is one of the first steps we will see toward a metaverse, popularized in…

A very short book review.

CS Lewis is my favorite author and his Christian apologetic works Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce and many more are some of my all time favorite books. Most interesting about Lewis, and why he’s such an amazing apologist, is that he was an atheist. As a former nonbeliever he is able to craft logical defenses that appeal to me rather than the emotional angles taken by many authors.

If you enjoy Lewis you will enjoy this memoir about his life from birth to his acceptance of Christ. If you aren’t a Lewis fan you will find this book rather dull and unimportant. But how could you not be a CS Lewis fan?


Wesley Donehue

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