What the hell have we become?

Read this book to learn about when men were men. Then pick up your cell phone, open TikTok and watch grown ass men dancing around like 13 year old girls.

I first watched the HBO miniseries when preparing for the GORUCK Normandy HTL when I had my ass kicked for 50 hours on Utah and Omaha beaches and in the towns in which the paratroopers of the 101st, including Easy Company, landed. I had not read the book until now when it was required in the GORUCK Tribe program. In reading the book I…

Wesley Donehue

🧞‍♂️ Entrepreneur 🗑 Investor 🏊‍♂️🚲🏃 Solid middle of the pack endurance athlete ☀️ Positive Vibes 📚 Now using this mostly for book reviews

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