Blue Ocean Shift

Ehhh… it was okay. Not every sequel can be Godfather II, Empire Strikes Back or Wrath of Khan. This was more Temple of Doom. Sure, eating monkey brains is cool and all but it’s not Raiders of the Lost Ark. Shit, this is a book and not a movie. Sorry.

Blue Ocean Strategy is one of my favorite business books and it’s been a real game changer for my business. I held high expectations for the sequel but it was underwhelming. Where the first focused on larger concepts, the sequel focused on the nitty gritty, the steps on how to reach those blue oceans. Many of you will need those steps so you may actually find this book more useful than the first. I just found myself bored because I have already made some big changes so this is a little late for me.

I’m not saying it’s not a good book. I found some things very useful. It just didn’t blow my socks off like the first. So yeah, read it. But don’t expect a giant boulder to roll you over. That makes no sense. You know what I mean.




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Wesley Donehue

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