It’s raining all day in Charleston today. I don’t feel like sitting on I-26 for two hours each way because people can’t drive in the rain. Instead I’m going to work from my couch. I could even sleep all day, although you know that’s not in my DNA. No one tells me where I have to be and when. No boss is telling me to get into the office or counting my sick days. My company is nearly to the point that it can run without me. I’ve spent 12 years building an operation to fund the lifestyle of my choosing.

Money. Power. Fame. So many people are chasing that bullshit as if they’re the end. That shit isn’t the end. They’re means to an end. The end is freedom. Complete and total freedom.

That’s my takeaway from, MEconomy, the most recent book by Mark Evans Dm. The subtitle is “how to control every part of your life” and that starts by taking control of yourself. Taking control of your time, your mind, your body, your finances, your family… your world. That’s how you get freedom.

Mark gives you a no bullshit, no fluff, straight to the point guide on how he designed his life for ultimate freedom and how you can too.

I recommend this book for everyone but especially those who are lost or just need a quick kick in the ass. You can knock it out in just one day so that by tomorrow you’re on your way to a new life.


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