I enjoyed this one enough to knock it out in two days. I needed this book after the last two years of dealing with what seems like nothing but hard things. Every time I fixed a hard thing another hard thing popped up. Client issues, financial issues, employee issues, other issues. It was just one thing after the other for twenty-four months. Finally I think we are back on track in every respect and the future looks brighter than ever for Push Digital. I just wish I would have read this one earlier.

Horowitz lays out some great advice for dealing with hard things. And lets be real for a minute… yes, I think we are back on track but the hard things will NEVER end. That’s just business. It’s not just at Push Digital. Every single business has the same drama. And really, that’s just life too. As the saying goes “if it were easy everyone would be doing it.” That’s why I pride myself in taking on hard things. I want to be known as the guy who can handle hard things. I can embrace the suck.

This book will not just be a one time read. It will be a daily reference for both big and small decisions. I’ll keep it on my desk at all times. Topics include:

  • hiring
  • firing
  • raises
  • job titles
  • communication
  • performance reviews
  • office politics
  • the role of the CEO
  • and much more.

I really liked this book a lot, but let me be clear — this is a business book. I would not suggest for those who aren’t in some sort of leadership role.

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Wesley Donehue

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