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Wesley Donehue
2 min readAug 7, 2020


You may hate the New England Patriots and Tom Brady. If you do, it’s probably because Tom Brady is the winningest quarterback in history. That’s in large part because he’s been able to sustain a healthy career far beyond most NFL players. I’m not an NFL fan so I don’t like or dislike Tom Brady. However, there is absolutely no denying his ability to sustain peak performance into what would be considered late years in professional football. Therefore his words should be listened to.

Really, I loved this book and will be incorporating much of it into my training and daily life. I 100% buy into his philosophy of keeping the body healthy for life so that we can continue being active for a long time. I, for one, want to be competing in endurance events well into my seventies. This is something my coaches at Endurance Farm have been drilling into my head and Tom Brady confirms many of their points regarding holistic training.

The TB12 Method is based on 12 principles:

1. Pliability — the daily lengthening and softening of muscles before and after workouts
2. Holistic and integrative training
3. Balance and moderation in all things
4. Conditioning for endurance and vitality
5. No-load training
6. Promote anti-inflammatory responses in the body
7. Promote oxygen-rich blood flow
8. Proper hydration
9. Healthy nutrition
10. Supplementation
11. Brain exercises
12. Brain rest, recentering and recovery

I finished this book today but it will stay in my gym as a reference that I’ll view daily. There are some things I won’t incorporate like his overly extreme diet, but he even admits that he’s only doing so because fitness is his job. It’s not mine. It’s my hobby. Still, holistic training is the route my coaches have been taking me and it’s one that I accept fully.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to stay active for decades.



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